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S İ Y A M - Yandım Söndüm" (Music Clip, 2023)






Art Director

Project type

Music Video

Ahmet's artistic vision as the art director enhances the visual aesthetics of the music clip, bringing depth and creativity to the project.

Step into a mesmerizing realm of artistic expression with "S İ Y A M - Yandım Söndüm," a captivating music clip directed by Kaysproo. In this project, Ahmet Alim Yılmaz takes on the role of Art Director, breathing life into an abandoned church in Istanbul with their creative vision. With meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of aesthetics, Ahmet's artistic direction transforms the space into a visual spectacle that perfectly complements the music's emotive journey. From the carefully curated concept to the awe-inspiring set design, experience the power of collaboration and witness the magic that unfolds when artistry meets music.

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