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Welcome to the captivating world of Ahmet Alim Yılmaz, a visionary director, writer, and photographer who believes in the transformative power of storytelling. Born in Turkey in the year 2000, Ahmet discovered their passion for filmmaking at a young age and embarked on a journey to turn their childhood dream into reality.

After receiving national awards for their student short films, Ahmet's determination and creativity were fueled, motivating them to pursue a career in the film industry. During the pandemic lockdown, Ahmet's passion for creation led them to produce the mesmerizing short film 'You Got Writer-ed!' which garnered critical acclaim and was selected as an official entry at the esteemed 43rd Manaki Brother's ICFF Film Festival.

With great anticipation, Ahmet now awaits the release of their upcoming multi-genre short film, 'The Mollie Project,' a project that promises to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact.

Driven by an insatiable urge to explore new horizons and find a sense of belonging, Ahmet embarked on a journey of self-discovery. They pursued Cinema studies at Bahcesehir University, where their talent and dedication earned them a full-cover scholarship. As part of their academic journey, Ahmet spent a transformative year in Toronto, Canada, attending a prestigious prep school.​

Continuing their quest for personal and professional growth, Ahmet embarked on an exchange program at Saxion University, focusing on media and marketing. These diverse experiences not only broadened Ahmet's perspective but also fueled their creativity, enabling them to bring fresh and innovative ideas to their projects.

Ahmet's zest for life goes beyond the realm of filmmaking. They have ventured into various fields, working as an Assistant Student at BAU, an Event Coordinator for an Erasmus+ project in Sint Maarten/Dutch Caribbean, and a Freelance Marketing Manager for Princess International's resorts and casinos. In addition, Ahmet has showcased their talents as a versatile videographer, graphic designer, and photographer, embracing a nomadic lifestyle that inspires their art.

In recognition of their unique journey, Ahmet's story has been captured in a forthcoming documentary titled 'Finding the Feeling of Home Through the Connection of People,' directed by Lithuanian journalist Amanda Kiukyte. This highly anticipated film, slated for release in 2023, delves into Ahmet's pursuit of connection and the search for a place they can truly call home.

Join Ahmet Alim Yılmaz on this extraordinary creative odyssey, where love, focus, and creation intertwine to shape awe-inspiring stories that transcend boundaries and redefine the power of cinematic expression.

Love, Focus & Create!

ahmet alim yılmaz


Ahmet Alim Yılmaz’s filmography is a compelling exploration of identity, societal norms, and the human psyche. With each project, Ahmet delves deeper into narratives often left unspoken. "The Mollie Project" unravels the intricacies of mental health and self-discovery through a non-binary lens, while "You Got Writer'ed!" blurs reality and fiction, taking audiences on a journey through a writer’s mind. In "#FF2400", a dystopian society mirrors the oppressive regimes of our world. Ahmet's films are not just visual feats, but dialogues inviting the audience to question, reflect, and understand the myriad hues of human existence. His storytelling transcends the screen, leaving a lingering impact that provokes thought long after the credits roll.


The Mollie Project" (Short Film, in post-production) - Director, Writer, Producer

Ahmet takes on multiple roles as the director, writer, and producer of "The Mollie Project." Currently in post-production, this multi-genre short film promises to captivate audiences with its unique storytelling approach and creative vision


Painted Ones (Kehribar)" (Movie, 2023) - Co-Director, Production Designer

Ahmet assumes the roles of co-director and production designer in "Painted Ones (Kehribar)." The film is set in a dystopian world and follows Selim, a poetry-maker working in a poetry factory. Ahmet's involvement adds depth and visual creativity to the film.


Gayda Yolu" (Movie, 2023) - Art Director

Ahmet collaborates as a Art Director with Bişar Bektaş and Henar Daşğın Bektaş to craft the screenplay for "Gayda Yolu." The film follows Hasan, a teacher who returns to his hometown in Diyarbakır and becomes entangled in a quest to uncover the truth behind an anonymous complaint while dealing with personal struggles and rural politics.


Saykonot" (Short Film) - Art Director

Ahmet showcases their skills as an art director in "Saykonot," a short film that tells the story of three friends embarking on a mushroom-picking adventure in the wild. Their art direction adds depth and visual appeal to the film.


You Got Writer-ed!" (Short Film, 2022) - Director, Writer, Producer

Ahmet showcases their talent as a filmmaker by directing, writing, and handling cinematography for this short film created during the pandemic lockdown. The film explores the themes of creativity and self-expression


"S İ Y A M - Yandım Söndüm" (Music Clip, 2023) - Art Director

Ahmet serves as the art director, bringing their artistic vision to the music clip, enhancing its visual aesthetics and creating a visually captivating experience


Ömer Balık Posthumous Remorse" (Music Clip, 2023) - Art Director

Ahmet's art direction skills contribute to the visual narrative of the music clip, creating a visually immersive and captivating atmosphere that complements the music.


"Covid-19 Interviews" (Documentary, 2020) - Director, Editor

Ahmet serves as the art director, bringing their artistic vision to the music clip, enhancing its visual aesthetics and creating a visually captivating experience


Bedri Usta Advertisement (2023) – Collobrator

Ahmet Alim Yılmaz collobrated with Bedri Usta and Huseyin Zerder to create an advertisement for New restaurants openning to Europe and Gulf countries.


Tropicana Casino Advertisement  - Creator, Collaborator

Ahmet Alim Yılmaz collaborates with Tropicana Casino located in Sint Maarten island as the creator of an advertisement highlighting the unique features and attractions of the casino.


Princess Casino Advertisement  - Creator, Collaborator

Ahmet Alim Yılmaz collaborates with Princess Casino located in Sint Maarten island as the creator of an advertisement showcasing the exciting offerings and experiences provided by the casino.


Le Pizza Club Advertisement - Creator, Collaborator

Ahmet Alim Yılmaz collaborates with Le Pizza Club located in Sint Maarten island as the creator of an advertisement showcasing the delectable pizzas and inviting atmosphere of the restaurant.


Asocial Media, Short Movie (2017) - Producer, Writer, Director

An award-winning short film that delves into the impact of social media on individuals and society. Through a thought-provoking narrative, the film examines the effects of excessive social media use, raising questions about identity, connection, and authenticity in a digital age.


Official Anthem "You'd believe in Magic!" – (2020) Collaborator

A memorable musical production presented by Kuber Raj Ciné Production in India/Assam, featuring Ahmet's artistic contributions.


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